industrial revolution in europe

By Gracie Kreth

The Industrial Revolution began in England in the middle of the 18th century; various inventions sparked the revolution.  There were both negative and positive effects.  The negative, being like the American Industrial Revolution, workers were poorly paid and lived in crowded unhealthy living conditions.  Although, the more positive effects were the growth in high technology and tourism.  For example, the economical and political landscapes of Eastern Europe have opened up tourism in urban areas.  Harmful waste was an increasing threat to humans and the environment.  It told people that they had mastered nature and were now apart from and superior to it.  The Revolution polluted the air and water and caused the soil to degenerate harming the agriculture industry.  It increased the amount of land used in farming but ruined animal habitats. As a result of pollutions and carbon emissions, effects of global warming and climate change are starting to kick in such as temperature rising causing glaciers to melt and oceans rising.  More animal species are becoming endangered or extinct because of the global warming.  Luckily, the European Union is working together and making decisions to prevent problems like global warming and encouraging other countries to do so as well.

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